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Hollis Elite 2 Harness with Back Plate and S38 LX Wing Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Mask
Hollis Elite 2 Harness System

Our Price: $169.95


Shark Shield FREEDOM7

Our Price: $729.38


Mares X-VU LiquidSkin Mask

Our Price: $79.95


The Elite 2 Harness System offers you all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers want.

Now with the Shark Shield FREEDOM7, there is no need to fear an unwanted encounter with sharks.

The Mares X-VU LiquidSkin mask goes beyond the natural comfort provided by a LiquidSkin skirt -- an additional soft silicone part injected in the nose area acts like an anti-shock bumper.

Faber High Presure Steel Cylinders H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse with Quick Disconnect Hose Oceanic DataMask HUD
Oceanic DataMask HUD

Our Price: $999.95


80 or 100 cubic feet, 3442 psi steel cylinders with XS Scuba Gunmetal Gray PRO DIN / yoke valve with safety handwheel.

The Real Attention Getter! The H2Odyssey Torid-Pulse is a unique signaling device or just plain fun!

The DataMask HUD features an advanced air-integrated dive computer built directly into the mask.